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General Information

Volunteer opportunities are available in a variety of areas. They fall into three broad categories:

Hospitality Team (front-of-the-house performance-time positions)

Production Cast and Crew (performance-related positions)

General Duty (tasks done at times other than scheduled performance times)

Time commitments, dress codes, and expectations for the different duties vary, so these are detailed below.

If interested in volunteering at Stained Glass Theatre—

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is responsible for customer care. Your job is to make sure the facility is ready for the patrons and then make them feel at home when they arrive. All Hospitality Team members will dress modestly in black and white.

Time Commitment
Hospitality Team volunteers work an average of once per week, but we are open to volunteers who can work even once during the entire run of a show. Most productions will run for five weeks (Thursday and Friday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday at 2:30 p.m., plus one Sunday matinee at 2:30 p.m. for each of our seven productions). You will be scheduled for each production according to your availability.

Generally speaking, all Hospitality Team personnel should arrive no later than 1 hour before curtain.

Evening Performances: Arrive at 6:00. (Thursdays and Fridays)

Matinee Performances: Arrive at 1:30. (Saturdays and selected Sundays only)


Hospitality Team opportunities include—

Box Officer
The Box Officers will process walk-in patrons, as well as those with unpaid on-hold seats. They will disperse and collect concession money bags and reconcile the books. They will receive payment for DVDs, books, scripts and other items.

House Manager
The House Manager will assign duties to the ushers, greeter(s), and will-call attendant. The HM will oversee the completion of all duties on the House Manager Checklist.

Ushers report to the House Manager. Before performance time, ushers will escort patrons to their seats. At intermission, they will serve the patrons in the concessions area. After intermission, ushers will clean the rest rooms, courtyard and other public spaces. After the performance, ushers will be assigned to hand out posters in the lobby or clean the auditorium. The House Manager will make specific assignments as detailed on the House Manager Checklist.

Greeters are stationed at the main entrance an hour before performance time, handing out programs as patrons arrive. They will direct patrons to the Box Office, the Will Call Table, or the House Manager as appropriate. They will stay at the entrance until about 5 minutes after the performance begins (to help late comers). The greeters will then report to the House Manager for other duties. In some cases (by prior arrangement), the greeters will be dismissed once their assignment at the entrance is completed.

Will Call Attendant
The Will Call Attendants serve patrons who have prepaid (or who have complimentary vouchers) for their reservations. As with the greeters, they are on duty until 5 minutes after the show starts (or until all seating passes have been picked up). Unless previously arranged, they will then report to the House Manager for additional duties.

Production Cast and Crew

Depending on the show, performers may be required to act and/or sing. We occasionally do shows that require choreography as well.

Time Commitment: Rehearsals will usually run about six weeks. The first three weeks rehearsals will run Monday and Tuesday evenings (usually 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. or 7 – 10 p.m.), as well as Saturday morning and/or Saturday evening. The last three weeks rehearsals run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, plus two rehearsals on Saturday. Performances run for five – seven weeks. Call time on Thursdays and Fridays is 6:00 p.m. For Saturday and Sunday matinees the call time is 1:30 p.m.

Auditions: Audition packets are available two weeks before an audition is scheduled. Packets include a script, an Audition Application, a Personal Profile, a Medial Release Form, a Waiver and Release From Liability Form, a Rehearsal Schedule, a Theatrical Code of Ethics, and a Stained Glass Theatre Code of Ethics.

Stage Crew
The Stage Crew is responsible for making sure the stage is set before each performance, as well as scene changes and stage prep that take place in blackouts between scenes. The Stage Crew will be led by a Stage Manager, who is selected by the Director.

Time Commitment: Stage Crew will be required at rehearsals once the show starts run-throughs (usually about two weeks before a show opens). They also will be at every performance. Call time is one hour before curtain.

Dress Code: Everyone on Stage Crew will wear black.

Sound and Light Technicians
For each production the Technical Director will select a sound tech, a light tech, one or two spotlight techs, and a camera tech. From time to time other technicians are required.

Time Commitment: Technicians will join the rehearsal process about a week and a half before opening night (usually the Monday or Tuesday of the week prior to opening). Technicians will be on duty for every performance. Call time is one hour before curtain.

Hair and Makeup
The need for hair and makeup assistance varies with each production.

Time Commitment: Those helping with hair and makeup will join the rehearsal process about a week and a half before opening night (usually the Monday or Tuesday of the week prior to opening). They will then be on duty for every performance. Call time is one hour before curtain. Sometimes they will be done before curtain; sometimes they will need to stay for changes in hair and makeup that may be required during the performance.

For some shows there will be a need for costume making, alteration, or repair. Costume work is generally begun shortly after a production begins rehearsal and will be complete about a week and a half before the show opens.

Set Construction
Set construction begins the day the previous production closes. Within a few minutes after the final performance the cast and crew of the concluding show and the rehearsing show will join forces to “strike” the set. Once the set is disassembled, work begins on the construction of the new set.

The building of a set will usually take place weekdays, from 9 a.m. till about 6 p.m. This allows time for cleanup in time for evening rehearsals. This construction phase generally takes a week.

Set Painting
Once the set is constructed it is ready for painting. The process starts with a base coat. Sometimes a texture or stencil design will then be applied. Complex texture work is done by our scenic artist.

General Duties

There are many volunteer opportunities that take place at times other than production times.

Housekeeping Team
Those in the Housekeeping Team will be involved in one or more of the following regularly scheduled jobs—

  • Weekly cleaning of rest rooms
  • Weekly cleaning of the rest of the facility
  • Periodic deep cleaning of the facility. This will usually be scheduled the week before a production opens.

Maintenance & Construction Team
This team will take care of periodic preventative maintenance tasks, such as changing HVAC filters, checking fire and safety equipment, cleaning vents, etc. They will also do light construction and remodeling work as needed.