Stained Glass Theatre

Stained Glass Theatre

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The Barkerman

Show Runs: February 22 to March24


The Mission Continues. A few years have passed, and the Youderian Circus has lost some of its spectacle. Taking center ring is Dancer, an excitable character with a goal of bringing joy to people who have lost all hope. “Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah. The world is a circus, life is a sideshow, and I am the Barkerman. Come one! Come all! Forget your troubles! Good times are headed your way.We’ve got stories to thrill you!But best of all, we’ve got The Giver!” The Giver is a mysterious figure who radiates love and compassion, even when he is arrested for using the circus as a cover to preach the Gospel.

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Return to the Lighthouse

Show Runs: April 12 to May 12

Return to the Lighthouse–Paul’s Story brings us back to the old lighthouse on the point of New Harbor, Maine, in the 1940s. Katie Chalfant gives Paul Severs, an escaped convict, refuge in the lighthouse. Paul was her son William’s best friend. Paul’s Story is one of good vs evil–of spiritual warfare–of God’s Champion chosen for battle. His story is inextricably woven into the Chalfant family saga, full of mystery and revelation with God’s call at the core.

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In the Time of the Blue Turban

Show Runs: May 31 to June 30


The Mission is Persecuted. Set in an abandoned church, survivors of the Youderian family circus struggle to keep the Word alive while the world around them falls under the power of the antichrist. A young girl Zena and Leo, her aged grandfather, are facing extermination as confessed believers. However, a stranger from the past appears to offer the hope of escape. The secret way out is discovered, but one must be left behind. Yet, the Joy will survive.

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The Secret of Raven Cottage

Show Runs: July 19 to August 18

The Secret of Raven Cottage, the closing chapter of the Chalfant saga, takes us back to a time before the “Stranger” ever came to the lighthouse and reveals a dark secret that Raven Cottage holds. William Paul Leon learns much of his family’s past from his Grandfather William Chalfant. Through his revelation we see old love rekindled, old hatred relived, and old vengeance revived thus bringing this unforgettable saga to a thrilling climax.

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