Stained Glass Theatre

Stained Glass Theatre


The Dream

Stained Glass Theatre was born from a dream in the heart of playwright and director Ron Boutwell. Not only a playwright, but also a Christian, Boutwell had a vision to use the theatre to communicate God’s love to the world.  In 1969, Boutwell began writing Christian plays with both an inherently evangelistic message to the lost and a spiritually motivated message to the believer. In the fall of 1982, Boutwell and several student actors fromSouthwestBaptistUniversity began making plans to use their talents to serve God by establishing a full-timeChristianTheatre.



The Early Years

Stained Glass Theatre opened the following year in the basement of a restaurant on Sunshine Street. The beginning years were a struggle, but they were also a time of learning and growing spiritually–a time of learning to trust God completely to lead the ministry. SGT moved two more times over the next two years ending up at a little store front building on Commercial Street, which would be their home for three years




The “Promised Land”

After renting and moving three times during those beginning years, God opened up the windows of heaven and gave the little band of actors a home of their own. In the fall of 1988, SGTmoved to its “Promised Land,” the beautiful old church onNorth Benton Avenue. God had provided the money to purchase the property and move in debt free–it was a miracle! For the next fifteen years, the old church building was home.




The Move to Ozark

Then in 2002-03 God gave the ministry a new vision for the future. That vision brought about the move toOzark,Missouri, and the present home of Stained Glass Theatre. It was another miracle!