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General Audition Information

Auditions are “open auditions,” meaning that all are welcome to try out for any of our productions and all are welcome to come and watch any of our auditions.

Auditions are typically “cold reads,” meaning those auditioning will go onstage and read excerpts from the script of the show they are auditioning for. In most cases scenes require multiple people reading, so it is rare that anyone is onstage alone during the audition process.  Auditions are held in a friendly atmosphere and directors explain all information needed before the readings begin.

Audition applications and rehearsal schedules will be available to pick up at the box office. We ask that you take the time to go over the rehearsal schedule and mark any and all conflicts on your application.

If you have any questions concerning auditions you can contact us at and directors will be available to answer any and all questions at the auditions.



Auditions for “IN THE DAYS OF THE MESSIAH” will be held Monday, February 27th , at 7:00 pm, according to Ron Boutwell, the show’s playwright and director.

Audition packets and scripts will be available on February 13th during regular Box Office hours (noon – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday).    

Scripts for this show MUST be returned.

All auditions are open to the public.  We would love to have you join our SGT Family!

Auditions are “cold reads,” meaning those who audition will read selected scenes from the script in small groups on stage. 

Auditions are held in a friendly atmosphere and directors will explain all information needed before the readings begin.

Performance information

 “IN THE DAYS OF THE MESSIAH” will open on April 13th and run through May 13th.  Performance times will be at 7:00 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and 2:30 pm on Saturdays.  Our Sunday Matinee will be April 30th at 2:30 pm.


List of Characters to be cast at Auditions include –

SCRIPTURE(Adult, gender and age non-specific)

JOSEPH (Husband of Mary, age 25-29)

SIMEON (Old man at the Temple, age 70)

ANNA (A prophetess at the Temple, age 84.)

BALTHAZAR (Nobleman of Arabia, age 45)

MELCHIOR (Nobleman of Persia, age 50)

GASPAR (Nobleman of India, age 40)

REUBEN (Brother of Elizabeth, age 50)

YOUNG JESUS (Son of God, age 4) played by 5-7 year old

YOUNG JOHN (The Forerunner, age 5) played by 7-9 year old

OLDER MARY(Mother of Jesus, age 48 & 51)

WOMAN AT THE WELL (age to be determined)

JOHN THE BAPTIST (The Forerunner, age 31)

APOSTLES:                           BROTHERS:

      JAMES (Age 34 & 37.)             JAMES (Early 20s)

      JOHN (Age 33 & 36.)               JUDE (Early 20s)

      ANDREW (Age 32 & 35.)

      PETER (Age 36 & 39.)       NICODEMUS (Middle-aged)


ANGEL CHORUS (Several Men and Women of various ages who may also play some of the above roles.) (One Toddler is needed.)


Audition Packet

Audition Packets and Pre-View Scripts will be available on February 13th, and will include the following -

  • “Audition Application” form
  • “Stained Glass Theatre Code of Ethics”
  • “Theatrical Code of Ethics”
  • “Rehearsal & Performance Schedule” — please check this carefully so you can note conflicts on your application
  • “Waiver and Release from Liability” form.  Complete and turn in at auditions.  Applicants under 18 must have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

If you would like to have an audition packet emailed to you before auditions, please email

Again, thank you for your interest in this production at Stained Glass Theatre, and we look forward to seeing you at auditions!  If you have any questions regarding this production or auditions, feel free to contact Renee Marchand at: