Stained Glass Theatre

Stained Glass Theatre

Past Show:

Merging Rivers

by Ron Boutwell

Performing January 8 through February 7, 2015
Tickets on sale September 2

The true story of a local WWII hero, Perry Keithley, who served his Lord as passionately as he served his country.

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SGT show times: Thursdays and Fridays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. Doors open 45 minutes before curtain.

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Many of the SGT productions are filmed, usually during the first week of performance, with high-definition wide-angle cameras. DVDs of these shows are made available for purchase at the Stained Glass Theatre Box Office or at the online store.

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Each Stained Glass Theatre show is produced in large part due to the generosity of our corporate sponsors. For this show, these sponsors include:

Our “Season of Heroes” Sponsor

Special thanks to Queen Elizabeth Ladies’ Gaudy Fashions for sponsoring our Season of Heroes.

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Cast of Characters


YOUNG DENA (Age 10, 13) — Hannah Brown

YOUNG FLORENCE ANNE (Older sister of Dena, age 15, 18) — Sydney Louderback

YOUNG FRANCIE (Older sister of Dena, age 12, 15) — Emily Medlin

YOUNG CHRIS (Younger brother of Dena, age 8, 10) — Judah Louderback, Levi Medlin

IMOGENE KEITHLEY (Age 38) — Martha Howard

IMOGENE KEITHLEY (Age  83) — Reneé Marchand

FLORENCE ANNE CASE (Age 62) — Pat Burnett

FRANCIE MEDLIN (Age 59) — Ginny Severs

CHRIS KEITHLEY (Age 55) — J.R. Taylor

FLOYD HANKS (Evangelist) — Rick Copeland

LEO KETCHEL (Evangelist) — Tom Young

HUREL MERRITT (Uncle of Imogene) — Leroy Workman

PERRY KEITHLEY (Age 16, 18, 19) — Drake Freeman

IMOGENE TURNER (Age 15, 16, 17) — Marin Stiles


TOBE WHITE — Mark Jenkins

INA WHITE — Michelle Rifenburg, Martha Louderback (understudy)

HENRY JEFFERSON TURNER (Age 61, 65) — Dick Marchand


PERRY KEITHLEY (Age 41) — Steven Brown

SINGERS AT WAR RALLY — Steven Brown, Michelle Rifenburg, Edda Prater

CHORUS and EXTRAS — Morgan Crawford, Heather Rash

PAT RUSSELL — Allie Brown

BOB RUSSELL — Jeremiah Brown

TIM RUSSELL — Jonah Brown

LOYCE RUSSELL — Tiffany Brown