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Stained Glass Theatre

2016-17 Season

Special thanks to Queen Elizabeth, our Season Sponsor for our 2016-17 Season.

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Stained Glass Theatre’s Trilogy of Seasons continues with the unveiling of our 34th Season.

During the SEASON OF HEROES, we were reminded that through the ages God has raised up ordinary, everyday people to change our world.  Our prayer is that the Season of Heroes encouraged and challenged YOU to become one of God’s Heroes!

Having accepted that challenge we prepared ourselves to be proven worthy to be a true hero.  So, the preparation began with a SEASON OF ARMOR! During that season we took up the full armor of God and discovered how we, too, could be armed and ready to be Heroes to God’s call.

Having taken on the full Armor of God, we continue with our final season in this trilogy of seasons — a SEASON OF ADVENTURE!  For when we accept God’s call, our Adventure in Christ begins!!

Shows run Thursday and Friday nights at 7:00 pm, and Saturdays at 2:30, with additional matinees on selected Sundays.


Web 150x150 stamps Ben Hur

 We begin our Season of Adventure with an “Adventure to Redemption” –

BEN HUR, written by Lew Wallace, and dramatized by John McGreevey, runs from Sept. 15th through Oct. 22nd

Follow the story of Judah Ben Hur, a Jewish nobleman falsely accused of an attempted assassination, and enslaved by the Romans. As Ben Hur vows revenge, his life intersects with that of the Savior, and his revenge plot becomes a story of compassion and forgiveness.

Web 150x150 stamps The Christmas House

For Christmas, we bring to the SGT stage a “Christmas Adventure” – 

THE CHRISTMAS HOUSE, written by Ron Boutwell, will run from November 10th through December 17th.   

In the midst of comedy and music, an adventure unfolds full of miracles, memories, and a mystery which ultimately reveals the secret of the Christmas House.

Web 150x150 stamps Miracle at Jasper City

We simply couldn’t have a Season of Adventure without a “Wild West Adventure” –

MIRACLE AT JASPER CITY, written by Dwayne “Chip” Burns, will run from January 5th through February 4th.  

A famous gunslinger finds Christ but can’t escape his past.  As young gun fighters come looking to prove themselves, the final showdown comes to Jasper City.

Web 150x150 stamps Wall of Fire

We continue with an “Adventure in the Pacific” –

A WALL OF FIRE, written by Dr. John Lee Welton, will run from February 23rd through March 25th

Based on the secret diary of missionary Fern Harrington, follow Fern’s three-year struggle as a Japanese prisoner of war. This life-and-death adventure will leave you inspired, challenged and ultimately changed forever.

Web 150x150 stamps In the Days of the Messiah

Our Season of Adventure must have an “Adventure to the Messiah” —

IN THE DAYS OF THE MESSIAH, written by Ron Boutwell, will run from April 13th through May 13th.

The Messiah, the Son of God, must have surely lived the greatest adventure in all time and eternity when He came to earth to live as a man. He worked, He preached, He healed, He performed signs and wonders, He died on a cross for the sins of all men, He rose from the grave, He returned to heaven, and He will come again! What greater adventure could there be?

Web 150x150 stamps Love is on the Air

But our season wouldn’t be complete without… an “Adventure of  Love” –

LOVE IS ON THE AIR, written by Ginger Casebeer, will run from June 1st  through July 1st.

Love is in air — and on the air — at the Family Bible Broadcast station. Jerry loves Opal.  Opal loves the broadcast. And Stan Silver simply loves to be loved.  Add Widow Gentry’s matchmaking, the dreams of the crew, and you have a mixed-up, comedic adventure made in heaven!

Web 150x150 stamps Reclamation Conspiracy

We end our season with a “Call to Adventure” -

RECLAMATION CONSPIRACY, written by Ron Boutwell, will run from July 20th through August 12th.

For years, Jake McKenna has been writing novels calling for revival in America; now God has a new adventure for Jake. God has called him to search for something—something from his past that could save America. But what is it — and where is it?  Thus the quest, the adventure, begins.